I suppose I will have to wait till I am dead and gone for my voice to be heard, and that’s ok. It is what it is.


For some reason, I have been blessed with the skills and abilities to make paintings, art and writings for the past 60 years or so. The source of my work is still a mystery to me. I operate in and from a place that I know well, but still have no idea how I get there or why I have never chosen to leave.

I guess I hang around because there is still some meaning there, and a reason for being here. You have to do things that make you happy.

It has been a dream of mine to have my work seen in a greater sense, and to in turn help people heal and grow along the way in the same manner that my experience in image making and writing has helped me along on my journey.

There are no ulterior motives here, just as there are no lofty aspirations or upitty pretensions.

Quite simply I sit down to work and the work happens.

Further, I have been able to adapt my vision and style to whatever medium I work with: oils, acrylics, pen and ink, fresco, watercolor, sculpture, or digital. All are unique yet consistent.

That being said, I have decided to waste no more time trying to “get my work out there.” In the end, at least for this time and place and space, it will not do any good anyway.

Sadly and unfortunately, or happily and fortunately, my work is as much an enigma as it is a source of fear and discomfort for those lucky enough to view it.

I don’t have an explanation and quite frankly I really do not need one. Whether you like it or understand it or not is of no importance.

Snapshots of Forever

March 18, 2021 admin

The old ways are gone forever. It is a new world. Art in essence in its current forms is dead.

We are passing through a new aesthetic and creative energy as we travel through space. The texture of this new space is rough and brutal. Our consciousness must survive. The first step is awareness. Next we change, then we adapt.

You can idolize any one, or anything or any artist you want. It is your time. Just answer the question “Am I learning anything new or growing along the way?”

That’s basically all I have.

My work can speak for itself.

A Few More Thoughts

I guess it is true that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Besides it is impossible to penetrate the vulnerability, weakness, and shell covering the real humanity that we have built around ourselves.

That is fine with me, since I will have left behind a body of work that was made with only good intentions. I didn’t leave it in the bag.

Be that as it may, as one giant in the art business told me a long time ago, ‘the important thing is to keep on making the work.”

And that is what I will do.